The night of the Armadillo

The sun shines well above them,

Bringing light and prosperity to those who work hard underneath;

After finishing their rest place, the people asked:

How can we rest, if there is no night?

It was true, the people had only known light,

Darkness had never showed herself, and her confinement only made her more desirable


Why work when there is no rest?

Isn’t there supposed to be something else?

There, in the corner

Hidden and ignored rested a mouse

He rested;

A tiny figured approached the mouse,

Hope in his eyes,

Shining like the infinite above

May I take your night little one?

You might, if you give me a good pact

I do not have everything I want,

All I have to offer is my bread and empty stomach;

That would be enough for me

And so the little one gave his night to the other little one


The darkness was beautiful, inspiring and new

The people welcomed it like the best guest of the house,

But it vanished so quickly,

In a blink of an eye the sun was once again shouting at them to work


So the hunters went out,

Looking for food and maybe something more

There, in the light of it all

A tapir rested quietly

What an arrogance,

They surrounded him and then made him surrender his treasure:



Once again, the night arrived and stood upon them,

But this time, the guest stayed for a long while

When the sun shined once again, everything was cold and damp

For the night of the tapir was too long


With despair and hopelessness, a lone woman went out for food

In the midst of it all, she found a ball

A ball which wasn’t a ball,

For it breathed, yet not moved

Wake up!

The armadillo rose and looked at the girl through his hole

I will trade you your night

What is it that will give me?

I only have the leftovers to offer, please accept them, she begged

I will, but you must return my night, once the night has ended

The woman rushed and the deal was done


Once again, the darkness surrounded them

Only this time, the night had an aura of perfection,

When everyone woke up, they couldn’t be happier

For though finally night and day were balanced


Yet, the night was never returned,

Promises were broken and deals forgotten,

That is why the armadillo sleeps with light and moves with night,

For he looks for that which was stolen


This poem is about: 
Our world


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