Gimme, Gimme

Gimme a drink that's fresh and cold

Gimme a book that's long and interesting

Gimme music with an addictive beat

Gimme a blanket that's warm and soft

Gimme a videogame from my favorite series

Gimme a cat to curl up on my lap

Gimme the Sun and a warm breeze

Gimme the sound of rain while I fall asleep

Gimme peace to all men on Earth

Gimme the knowledge of Time

Gimme the World


No? Don't want to?


I don't want or need any of it anyway


I need long walks in silence

I need conversations that last till dawn

I need the early sunrise

I need the midnight stars

I need to be left alone

I need to be surrounded by Love

I need to watch the World go by

I need to hide from the World's eyes

I need to be proven right

I need to be proven wrong

I need to live in this beautiful Universe


This Universe and all of its inconsistences

All of its contradictions

I need to see it

Understand it

Live it

The little pleasures alone are worth nothing

But together they are worth the Life

Like notes of music

Individuals that have no point or meaning

Slowly weaving together unknowingly

To make a beautiful symphony

Worth hearing again and again




Gimme a chance

To hear that symphony

To Live

It's all I need



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Our world
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