The Sweet Taste of Salt


United States
36° 25' 49.1088" N, 115° 31' 14.6496" W

The lies and disrespect
Covered up by your embrace
Left me blind but hopeful.
Your voice blocked the harmful fumes,
Leaving me trapped in a cage
—Choking on denial.

Was I crazy?
The salt was so suffocating.
Your choice of words—always careless.
How can you be so selfish?

Day after day I began to lose my grip.
The rope burning within my hands
Fraying at the question of Love,
Have I finally had enough?

Calling you out,
I came unannounced.
Could you really not see it coming?

The waves continued to climb,
Taking me further out to sea.
You watched as I drowned myself in tears—
—Begging for your reach.

There you stood with your thoughts unspoken
Like a coward, you knew we were broken.
Silence has a high price for these tears of mine,
By forefiting, You lost your chance to make amends.
Can you ever be a man?

Surrounded by this salty water,
I began to defend for myself.
The memories all lost at the bottom,
Won’t resurface if I won’t let them.

The sea sprays a mist upon me,
As the unforgiving scent lingers in the breeze.
I make the first step onto this new shore
Not looking back at the sea,
I found myself once more.


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