Equality is the key


United States
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Racism why is it even here
all it does is bring us tears

Whatever happen to a world of peace
its time we bring a new life lease

We stand in unity to raise hope
so that we may live in a place of harmony

We were taken out of our homes not by choice
but out of hatred and greed

With a different thought we take a stand in this school today
to take away the pain and disrespect

We are little rock nine and we clearly made our point
that regardless of our color we are just like one another

From all the things we have done for you not by choice but out of fear
i think our freedom is well earned

So we stand here today no longer in a school of blacks
but a school of many colors

A wise man once said "I have a dream"
not just for blacks but for us all
for all who have been segregated
for all who have been treated unkind
for all those who deserve equality
for all that have suffered
for all who were seen as different
for all who strive for peace

For all we wanted was to have the right to be equal
and in 1968 during the Civil Rights Movement we stood in unity rejoicing for then it was the beginning of equality

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