A Night Like Tonight


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I'd show him what he asked for
If he called me beautiful,
I'd take another shot
If I could prove that I'm fun,
I'd agree we were "just messing around"
If I could feel his love
On a night like tonight,
Stressed and alone,
I know why girls are
Attached to the phone.
His pleasure, her heart,
It's all for the taking
On a night like tonight.
Selling dreams and dignity
For an ounce or two,
For a rush,
To be in on the game,
For a feeling of completion,
But I know in my heart,
Only for a moment.
So I'll stay dressed
And I'll say no
To a drink or a drag,
To pleasure and fun
In the moment,
For eternity
With a Love like no other,
A pleasure worth any,
Fulfillment for all time,
So even on a night like tonight,
Stressed and alone,
When I know why girls are attached to the phone,
My pleasure, my heart,
Are not for the taking,
Not even on a night like tonight.


Jess Vaughn Writes

I love it because it takes courage and dignity to maintain one's virtue when the whole world is telling you to go for it and YOLO, etc., etc.  And the sway of a pubescent boy is often a strong pull.  Often girls are in a spin - whether emotions or alcohol - and before they know it, their power is lost and gone.  Beautiful strength and depth in between these lines...

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