Growing Up

I remember the Cinderella dress and slipper shoes that I used to use

I would dazzle myself in jewels that would shine once the sun reflected onto it

I would run around the house without a care in the world because I was fabulous in my mind

Soon I learned that once I started to get meat on my bones the criticisms would begin

Soon I learned that every remark that my own family would make would get me deep

Soon I learned that it was much better to cry in the dark so my friends would not think I was weak

But once I turned 14 there was a light at the end of the tunnel

My Uncle picked up my spirits and took me to the sacred temple that I soon called home

Where I began to become stronger by learning tactical moves which would help me defend myself

Where I learned that I had the chance to change my lifestyle

Where I learned not to take in anyone's’ negative remarks

Now I am able to walk with my headstrong and those cuts that used to be in my skin are still there, but now they are battle scars and they have become a part of me

Now 17 I truly know the true meaning of self-love which is how I know I have grown up

I no longer care what mice critique my weight because I can no longer hear them

I no longer care about the clothes I am wearing because I know I am beautiful in any attire

The moment I was taken to my sacred temple was the moment I gained my strength and confidence


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