Don't Kill Yourself (Life)

Life is an adventure. An adventure that will continue on whether you take the reins or not. You will experience ups and downs.On this adventure you will get moments where laughter turns to painful sides aches and tender cheeks. And heartaches turn to tears that purge your heart and cleanse your Soul. Life has the ability to make time freeze in beautiful moments to be immortalized in the mind of a broken spirit. Those moments are gifted to us by Life; to give us Hope. Life disciplines Us, reforms Us, and teaches Us. Life is love and warmth all stitched into a shabby quilt we overlook. Until, life sweeps it's bitter frozen winds over us and to that same quilt we return. Life is a beautiful ghetto, re-imagined by the urban minds that refused to remain in a wasteland. Life is a perfect suburb, wrecked by the pressure of keeping up a picture perfect facade.  Life is Dark, like the Midnight sky in the winter and Life is as bright as the burning stars that illuminate the night that only appear during the darkest hours. Life is learning that your pain is a direct effect of someone dearest to you intentional cause. Life isn't easy. Life is rising to the top in the publicly and suffering privately. Life is a continual lesson. Where each understood objective graduates you to the upper level courses where nights get longer, daylight get shorter, pain becomes part of the process, and Love reveals itself to you in its true form.  And Life isn't over it's alive! Living, breathing, growing with you and for you! Life, is whatever you make it! So I ask you what will you make it? #GrowingGayla #GaylaisGrowing #CloseYourEars #FocusonYou #LoveYourselfFirst #EnjoyTheJourney Power Poetry #ScholarshipEntry


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