I Am

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 18:42 -- jakebow


United States
43° 15' 55.2132" N, 78° 45' 32.2416" W

I am.
I am athletic and smart.
I wonder how high is the sky.
I hear the crowd scream as I enter the dome.
I see the defense in man to man zone.
I want to be the best in the NFL.
I pretend to hear the announcer say “Bow back deep to throw”.
I feel the tight lace of the ball when I throw,
to some its a type of Peyton Manning throw,
the way the ball whistles.
I touch hands with the receiver after that long touchdown throw.
I worry to call the right play,
for I cry when our brotherhood has a bad day.
I am.
I understand the future will be tough.
I say I can just be the best I can be.
I dream that one day I will be the best.
I try my best each time I play,
for I hope for that one special day,
I will be.


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