Between the lines


United States
38° 45' 35.982" N, 83° 47' 1.104" W

Between the lines that my life holds
Reading the facts,the lies,the hate,
Twisting through the vines of love
Confusing,Trying to defuse the sparks that lie between the soul of us being human,
The lines define the boundary that i have hidden between the thoughts of the demons I hold on to,
Disgusted with myself,because you see the life I have is not clear, the fears in my head makes me want to cry without shedding a single tear.

You might have it easy because you don't think of consequences everyday,
Trying to stay safe without getting your heart broken,
Between the Lines is hate,disgrace;with a race that makes you try to be ahead without being in first place,
To be the person the person you are portraying to be,
Being above the rest,no being below the existing line of being singly doubted by your mirror image,

See I'm raising to the top,not stopping.
Reaching accomplishments that you can't seem to find,
Thinking that you got it al, but in reality,
You are in the dark wishing someone to take your hand and for what to keep putting me down,
Scrambling trying to a deadline;with you or without you.
To be honest, im going without,
So you see in between the lines my life maybe complicated,
But I hold onto my sanity to go through life with my head held..



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