He's Always There


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He’s with you when you’re living your own Paradise,
Your life driven by your own will and having God’s plan on Paralyze,
Don’t seem to realize your Paradise is really a Pair of Lies,
Living life on your own is your aspect of being Wise

When all of a sudden our feet step in stone,
He steps down from his throne,
Makes sure our bone is prone to the Enemy’s Danger Zone,
Asking if you can hear him now, like a Verizon Phone.

It’s like going to the doctor when you’re sick,
But it doesn’t seem to click,
That ignoring the prescription won’t do the trick.

When trouble is no more,
God becomes a bore, and we begin to ignore.
We leave that dusty bible as a table décor,
Like a Solider leaving the battlefield of an unfinished war

See, leaving his grace is something that he chooses to respect,
So if sin is what you select, what future do you expect?
Remember that flesh based joy is a short term effect,
Like the Police: You choose to serve and He will protect.

We’re like the Prodigy son,
Desiring fun, Thinking we’re blind to danger because we’re young,
You have your cheek pressed against a gun,
Ignorant decisions and not regretting one.

You continue to live life as you please,
Giving God the cold shoulder, putting The Almighty on freeze,
As your nonsense continues to increase,
Your doubt becoming contagious like fleas,
He painfully watches you drop once again to your knees.

After that, we once again desire his Love and Attention,
We finally give his name a mention,
But refuse to establish a secure connection.

“Where’d you go, God? Oh Lord, Where’ve you been?”
A relationship stays true through thick and thin,
The problem is you forgot to say “I Do” to him.

So as you lay desperately on the floor,
Looking around for an open door away from the gore,
Realize that you have a relationship to restore,
He doesn’t want you standing, He wants you to soar.

While we’re held back by shame,
He has been forever calling your name,
You expect a lecture and blame,
As he says, “My child, I love you the same.”

You believe it’s your turn,
To pay, bleed, and burn,
But you don’t seem to learn,
That he’s only awaiting your return.

As it says in Deuteronomy 31:6 and 8,
God will never leave you and never forsake,
He eases your troubles and carries the weight,

You've lied, cried, and sighed, yet God’s help denied,
As you ride your life’s downward slide,
You wonder why your pillow’s tears have not yet dried,
You collide with the incoming tide,
And all this time you've chosen to hide,
Without realizing that He’s always been there beside you with his arms open wide.



Pretty legit. seriously though this was good, keep writing about the good stuff man!

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