Never Forget Malcolm X


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His is Malcolm X, and it all started when;

his dad was murderd
when he was six,
while he was playing pickup sticks.
First he thought it was the KKK,
but turned out to be a car in the day.
his mom was shocked
by the surprise,
and was sent to a place were she couldn't be mocked.
They call it a mental institution,
but he called it a sick mind illusion,
so they took her away,
and he was left alone all night and day.
Years past and he became a lock picker,
and picked up on drinking liquore.
One day he got caught,
doing something illegal in the lot.
and he was sent to prison,
were peoples hopes were risened,
he started reading and writing every word,
and he spoke like anyone you've ever heard.
And when he finally got out of that place,
he started to begin a new phase of change,
because he became a black muslim minister,
with little violences, but don't call him a sinner.


even if it includes starting fights,
but then this brought him to his grave,
1965, he was assasinated but he will
never ever be thanked enough
for the equality and rights he left us.

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Thank you for this site it is an amazing way to express our thought through writing, and I will be using this often to post my poetry, once again thank you for giving us something to express our thoughts on.

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