I looked down

The ground, far below me;

I looked up

An endless sky.

To my right

A careless whisper.


It whispered

"Jump and you will fly."

I shook my head;

It couldn't be.

I was too high up

And it was only me.

All alone,

I never felt so alone.

Alone and cold,

My feet touched nothing;

Nothing but the soft clouds around me

They called me


They beckoned.

Here it was safe.

Here it was known.

To go,

To jump,

To risk not flying,

To me,

It wasn't worth it.

But again came the careless whisper,

This time more urgent.

"You must jump," 

It sang to me,

"Jump and see the world." 

It was then that I realized,

Up here,

Where it's safe and known,

I was missing out on the world below.


I inhaled,

Closed my eyes,

Brought my right foot out,

And I learned how to fly.

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