The Land of Milk & Honey

In every person’s life, there is a moment in which everything changes

The very foundation of the earth shifts as the tectonic plates feel the need to stretch.

These moments are sometimes disguised as “breaking points”

They are wrapped up the worst of situations and hidden in the deepest of controversies

And just when it feels like you are about to give everything up, boom

The plates shift, yet again, revealing a path never before seen

Revealing an answer, never before heard off

Revealing the land of milk and honey

This is our moment. Our blessing in disguise, if you will.

This is our breaking point,

The very essence of us has been tainted  and the very core of our beings, questioned



we must endure the most brutal of challenges and hardest of circumstances

We must watch these walls tumble down and let this foundation shatter

For the only reason that the walls tumble- are to reveal the clear blue sky

And the only reason our foundation has been shattered- is make room for the sunflowers

And the only reason this feels like our  “breaking point”, is because-- it is

Our old minds are being broken and destroyed and left behind

For our old minds have no place in our garden

We have no room for them next to our sunflowers

We are new

So maybe this is our “breaking point”

Maybe this is the point in which we break the mindset of our old selves and finally let our better selves win

Maybe here

And now

In these beautifully tragic moments

We finally get what we have always wanted

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