What Do You Delight?


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I was wondering if you could take a moment to read. I want you to know that you’re all I need.
Just know that this came from my heart. Please read it before we fall apart.
Every day you’re away, I imagine you with me, telling me to stay.
When we hug, I feel a shine, oh how I wish you were mine.
Everytime I see your face, I can feel an angels grace.
It is only afternoon; please don’t go so soon.
Love, I need you with me. Can’t you hear my plea?
Please don’t leave for him. In the sea of loneliness, I swim.
We walk together in the hall, then he comes, you make it like he’s your all.
You’re the light to my dark, you’re the key, to my heart
But I know how much he means to you, sweet it’s true. You and I make a lovely two.
My feelings for you are like none other before. I can feel my love for you in my inner core.
Seeing you happy without me, oh it really hurt. I just can’t stand seeing you two flirt.
I need you in my arms, keeping you away from harm; you and I both know I will never let you go.
Everytime I see yours eyes, I get the feel of butterflies.
I love you, like no other, but like a hug, it just a moment.
Love, now I realize, I have to make an adjustment.
Now that you’re his, dear I have a pop quiz.
Just for you, just one question, will you ever be my prized possession?


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