I See America

My fingertips strain, lift the window edges;

I peer beyond the roses, past the hedges:

I see America.


Liberty is ghostly white, she bleeds red, she cries blue. 

Millions of souls with none to look to-

And I see America.


A fallen pedestal of beautiful ideals,

A proud nation crumbles and kneels,

Skyscrapers ache to pierce heavenly skies,

We trample broken souls and are deaf to their cries.

I see America.


A contorted tangle of asphault and glass,

Piles of concrete conquer the oceans and grass...


And yet...


Through the cracks of the sidewalk grows a single blue iris,

Weaving through destruction, ignoring the virus. 

It stands firmly still, unshaken, unstirred, 

Growing hopefully where it should be absurd. 


And in this tiny but resolute faith,

I see America. 

This poem is about: 
My country


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