How do you describe my skin?


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How do you describe my skin? Do you only describe me as light skinned? Do you not see the pain and scars that are visible to the surface? I know I'm not perfect... I'm different My skin is my shield hiding all the, pain, sorrow, the quilt? If I had patches for all my scars I could build a quilt, Learning, Slowly enough to keep up to the beat of my own poems, knowing that just being three shades lighter I'm not considered black? I'm different My appearance is Different That doesn't make me no more or no less than the average description of a black woman. I am Different Still remembering my roots like Kunta Kinte' I am different without a lean or the bling... How do you describe my skin? Do you only see me as light skinned? I see my light skin I am still black... I am different I will march like Martin Luther King! Take Rosa Parks' place, I may have light skin but I will march with the Black Panthers Holding my fist high in the air yelling BLACK POWER Singing to the top of my lungs devouring the Eiffel Tower with the soul in my voice I live the life I live by choice, Civil Rights? Not even a question, It's the purpose of my attitude I show appreciation to my ancestors Without them there would be no chance For you and me, Not even the person reading this only the other side of this screen We live the American Dream. How do you describe my skin?

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you describe your skin as beautiful

you are not less black because you are lighter

that is what i call racism and ignorance

be proud of who you are and let no take away your self-confidence

beautiful poem-build off this idea and use it as an inspiration


It's not you thats considered less black it's your skin that is. It is sad to say but in some since darker skin women will have an unusual hatred towards lightskin women always. Throughout history you have always been viewed as more beautiful. I know black men today who only date light skinned women. I'm darkskin, but it doesnt bother me none. Both skins are beautiful. Society is ignorant.

Robiel Hidray Fesseha Rasu

Very Perfece just the way Jah made you.

Robiel Hidray Fesseha Rasu

Robiel I meant very Beautiful.Just the way you suposed to be.


WOWWWWW. You are beautiful, dont let ANYONE stand in your way,keep your head up high, keep writing, and know that this is one of the best pieces of ever read

The UndefinedFeminist

I agree, you are so.....matter of fact too beautiful! Your skin is beautiful because that is what helps define you externally and embrace it..

Mafi Grey

Just amazing. It crumbles my mindsight when people define people by their skin like the cover of a book. Sometimes I want people to look at me backwards so they can see my description, just flip me over and read my story.


If thats you in the picture, then I say your skin looks very sweet and so does your face, so 

forget all that other nonsense....AND PARTY. Lifes to short...


Peter Roe shared tears is the perfect song for this and i just happened to be reading this while i listened to this. i love the emotion and feelings in your poem. i know how hard it can be to share something this personal but the rest of the world listened. they listened

Jan Wienen

You are just the way you need to be ... what you want to be I don't know ...

Njuguna PM

I describe your  skin as in Gen 1:27

'So God created man in his own image; male and female He created them.'

Beautiful is a lesser word

look at the courage beneath the skin

who could be a better you in your very least

I describe it  as an inspiration to touch the world

An inspiration to be proud of.

I describe it Lovely.


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has read this poem and hopefully it touched many people.

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