The Golden Pocket Watch: A Sonnet Inspired by a Gift

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 15:39 -- Fenruse


United States
61° 18' 25.1856" N, 149° 26' 52.854" W

The golden chains from which you hang now shine,
And likewise does your golden frame appear,
Enough to so reflect this face of mine
In face I see is gleaming glass this clear.

This gift reminds me of my past today,
On such a day as graduation can
Present itself with memories that may
Give pride of work before and works in plan.

But now, you golden timepiece I have wound
To set the ticking time to future haunts,
In which you never cease the ticking sound,
Yet truly never have; just resting daunt.

Though Kronos never dies, as time and death,
Remember he too rests to catch his breath.

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