It is a filthy charge

for the igniting of our tars

papaya lips taste like



             and chilies

parted in popular positions

they speak like a ring master artist

with imaculate purpose.


Tangled like tackle box intestines

coiled like salty snakes

I slither and burn in your ribcage fire place.


Now behind the cornea

Iris the golden godess

sends message to me

between cloud and sea

that gold winged women gilded the lily.


She says:

Fugitive colors are speak easies

it's the war in the washing machine

colors bleed,

just to prove gravity

it's all so plagerized 

to perfect consistancy

when we destroyed perfect beauty

we gilded the lily.


Oh I am a catalyst on a burning stone 

smoldering like children under the scope

tomorrow is a drag

a used up hag

inside the womb is a reoccuring sphinx

vaguely a virgin in this sleep walkers dream


He is a vulture like his old man

be it macomb or comely

he has plastecized arteries

pulling your skin measuring elasticity


Road kill exists twice in this writer's sheets

bleeding on white linen

and on lined paper sheets

prying open your mouth

to pull out cognitive speech

enter stage left, halcyon sleep

I hope you have more origami arteries

brother in theory.


Culture is Culture is Culture

words are rancid and unconventional

the origin of species exists in your ovaries.


We was at the city

we was at a failing economy

crippled coalitions

preach unity

speak purity

sacrifice humanity

is this life or is it reality

is it death or immortality?


Even so we share these parchment paper walls

with God's breathe and breeze

articulating eternity

each breathe celestial and cool

x-ray eyed son of christ

I live in your mind's eye

where the blistered animals

scrape junk from their rotten teeth 

becoming ectoplasmic hierarchy.

they hide in the wicked trees

full of galvenized needs, that aren't me. 

with specific trajectory 

your perennial eyes go right through me.


I am the ashes of the ancestrial effigy

and you are the embers 

liberating my spectral body from me. 













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