Formulating my thoughts. 

The words in my head are forming. 

They're forming a river. 

 A dam is created. 

They say I'm creative, 

but this is expressing. 

A clone, I can feel it- 

a burden. 

A burden, a burden, a burden... 

My clone has arrived. 

She'll make everything alright. 

It is twice my deceit.  

It is held in my eyes 

and my smile can hold lies. 

It is not proper for me. 

It is not proper for you, Oyuky, 

to go around with this speech... 

thus, unveiling our disguise. 

It is becoming a part of me. 

It's feeding off my energy, 

but it is better than interrupting neutrality.  

Right? [pause] 

Ecclesiastes has arrived. 

Meaningless. [pause] 

Meaningless, meaningless, meaningless. 

Everything is so meaningless. [pause]  

Maybe I do have a sound [pause]. 

Oh, but I do. 

It swifts by as a breeze 

ready to be uncovered- 


You just have to be there 

acknowledging me.  

A book is full of pages 

and you hold the key. 

After all, 

 Emily's words did disseminate 

when her sister set them free. 


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