It’s your birthday


And this year, I won’t wish you a happy one

Because you never made me happy

Because I know it’s time to sever the tie

You can no longer be my lifejacket

If you can’t pick up your phone

I guess it’s just not waterproof

Here’s the moment

Time for me to sink or swim without you

Your existence was a gun to my head

But you kept me from putting it there


I say my silent goodbyes at birthdays

Cuz I know if I text you

It’s likely that you won’t answer

Or maybe you will

And I don’t want to be dragged under again

But a birthday is your day

And if we don’t converse then it means

We’ve drifted so far apart

That 1 in 365 is no different than any other


So that’s it

I bow out of your life

And you’ll bow from mine

This time I won’t look over my shoulder to see if you still miss me

Oh, did I forget to mention?

Happy birthday


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