: Survey Says


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Dear Survey,
Should I be the blame of my own brokenhearted pains ?
Is it my fault that I fell in like with the idea that I should be happy with my own beauty enough to share it with another ?
Where did I go wrong when a good man seems to spiral bad ?
How many first dates should I go on before we can turn the second one into a "had" ?
When did our new beginning , friendship , wonderful acquaintance become you , me and oh your fiance to ?
Wait your "fiance" to !?
Yea. . . Your "fiance" to !
No ! Now just your fiance and YOU !!
How could the phrase (excuse me) the noun , the in action be forgotten as the love of your life at the first sight of who me ?
Was it the thought of me sharing with you the sight of my true beauty ?
As you slide me your number telling me "I hope I don't hafta hold my breath too long for that call!"
In my first mind the thought was very small !
So now every smile , every laugh , every touch & feel , every glance , every penny spent (no wait your pennies spent!) , each second in each moment is now a remember-able lie right ?
Where did I go wrong when a good man seems to spiral bad ?
Survey says: I didn't go wrong I just thought a bad man could be a good man had!


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