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The Civil War is 19th century news
Only talk about it in history when my brain is on a cruise
See the Civil Rights Movement ended years ago
And there’s just no more desire to know
But the fight hasn't ended, our struggle isn't over
The battle still needs to be fought, we gotta be bolder
We’re still fighting over religion and rights
Yet some of us just keep turning off the lights
Our generation doesn't even glance
We’re living in some sort of hypnotic trance
It’s no longer a question of whether or not to fight for equality
But how long we’ll let ourselves live without sovereignty
We have to think about tomorrow
Not just when we’re in our deepest sorrow
Because even if the War is over the sounds of battle still ring
It’s time we stand up and start acting like Dr. King
We need to take the reins of power
And tell them that We are Humans, We are Equals, and We will no longer cower

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