It's Not Over

Thu, 03/14/2013 - 13:06 -- XThom


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When Obama won they said it’s over. He won. He’s in.
I say no. One triumph does not erase past sin.

Years ago they hopped into their boats.
They invaded our castle after crossing our moats.
They dragged kings and queens across the sea
Off into to a land not meant for you or me
They wanted us to work the land of their pilgrims’ pride
Our fathers and mothers and siblings died

They branded us and kept us chained
They tried to break any spirits that remained

Eventually the day came when we were freed
We were promised everything we would need
But we were still left in a lower position
We had no masters but were left in submission
Sharecropping did not make us slaves
But was not the freedom that we craved

We didn’t get our acres or mules
We didn’t get equal schools

Marches, sit-ins, peaceful demonstrations
Were met by our enemies with less than elation
But we had to break them down and end segregation
We battled in court like Brown v. The Board of Education

Heroes like Malcolm and Martin died for our rights
But as time goes on we cannot forget the fight
We have changed the public policy
But we still must work towards true equality
Racism still exists in minds and hearts
Which leads me back to the start

Seeing a black face in the White house is a triumph
But we are not triumphant
For we must not ever forget
That we must work every day towards the dream

As you wake up every day and lay down your head every night
Never forget those who fought for your civil rights

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A lot of people make light of black history month, but I feel like even in today's time we cannot forget where we came from. Our people have experienced many triumphs, but our fight isn't over yet.

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