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A thread is nothing without a needle

A moth is lost without light 

A cookie will always be missing it's completing factor without that full glass of milk

And life seems small without my sister


Many people spend their days looking for their missing puzzle piece 

Their partner in crime 

But mine has been by my side since the literal definition of day one 


Our connection was labeled under the generic category of "sibling love"

Our meet, to the outside world, was simply the moment she became an older sister 

But it was so much more than that

In my eyes
it completed the start
of the complex masterpiece
some call a long life


I guess
I have her to blame
for each moment feeling short
because as the hands on the clock continue to toll on

time is nothing 

our only focus is on 

the next adventure 

the next obstacle 

the next discovery begging to be made


My sister is not just someone who was born 2 years before me 

But a person who makes nothing seem impossible

She paved the road for me 

The one I have followed to become who I am today 


The dictionary definition of "sister" is:

  • a female sibling 

but the definition I would deem more appropriate would be

  • a best friend for life

So when I am asked: "what's the one thing you can't live without?" 

The answer is obvious because

how can one live 

with half of them 


This poem is about: 
My family


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