Beautiful Flowers


With your smile you dim ten thousand of the universe's brightest stars,
And we are alone,
All alone in the cool, quiet dark.
The galaxy is empty,
Save us.
You breathe in
And out;
Inhale my love,
Exhale yours.
Your lips meet mine, and
Thousands of perfect, beautiful flowers blossom on each of my fragile bones.
I grow warm again,
So warm.
Our hearts intertwine and mesh,
Becoming a single entity full of passion,
And hope,
And warmth.
One by one the stars re-ignite,
Illuminating the world lain hidden.
Again the world is full, and
We are not alone.
Our hearts untangle,
But not entirely.
Never entirely.
And with each kiss,
Each dimming of the universe,
They become more and more twisted,
And tangled,
Until they become inseparable.
They are inseparable.


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