The Color You


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
not a definition of a physical substance.
Beauty is a color,
a multitude of colors,
a sea of colors,
a flowing serpent of delicious dangerous colors,
a forbidden fruit bursting with intangible colors.
The most abstract, gorgeous color?
That, is The Color You.
Color is beauty,
so then isn't beauty black?
or white?
or yellow?
or green?
or is beauty make believe?
the thought of beauty spit from the heavens as not an object,
but a thought.
if color is beauty and beauty is color,
then we are all beauty.
the same in every aspect.
complete with beauty,
complete with color.
Complete with the color you.
Beauty's foe?
hate, racism, discrimination.
they corrupt beauty,
spiting poison acid on innocent life.
Only for beauty to erupt in a burst of tangy, vibrant, uncontainable light and color!
we can overcome the poison of hate,
we already did;)
now the only beauty we see isn't individual colors,
but the Color You.
Beautiful, gorgeous, everlasting, quenchable, and irresistible.
You are beauty that can and did overcome this hatred and discrimination.

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Abigail Bagley


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