Back and forth the currents sway/ the way is soon upon us/ The finish so near yet/ all around me has happened thus far/ the tyranny of the lights ever glimmering/ ever blazing/ the people in the trek/ some dying some fading/ For what cause be such anarchy/ so such tears are flown within the air/ cries of fear and death in air/ and here we see/ the light/ its so near/ so warm/ and the people see peace forever more. The Tyranny that once tried to stop us has generated light/ light of the hopes feelings and cares/ of every breath, heart, and prayer/ This trek was a marathon/ the setting was Boston/ the tyranny was bombing/ and the people who died there/ The world has so much cause for hate and anger/ and yet in the end hope shines like that of a rainbow on a sorrowful stormy tide/ For just over the horizon there is and will always be more/ Tides

Poetry Slam: 


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