Robyn Who?

I am a never ending series

Of sleepless nights and crumpled bed sheets

Battered from the restlessness of my slumber

A lost sheep number

4 A.M's only friend



I am the burnt out light bulb

Under every desk lamp's canopy

Exhausted from far too many procrastinated papers 

Pushed to the point of prostration and pointless paragraphs

Praying for the pity of my professor


I am a pencil with no eraser

My mistakes are permanent

Worn out by words and bogged down by numbers

I am often disregarded

Inferior to better options

And only called upon when needed

I am submissive to ink

I've always hated permanancy


I am the product of a family fued

And I am the progeny of too many slammed doors and broken promises

Bent out of shape

Taken advantage of

A witness to a butchered love


I am wanderlust

In love with faceless places and nameless faces

Obsessed with the idea of a utopia

A polaroid zealot

Bandit of beauty


I am chewed up fingernails

Bloody cuticles

Picked mascara and twisted strands of hair

I am test taking jitters, clammy hands, flushed cheeks

A permanent blush

Pink from far too many public tumbles and word fumbles

And tummy grumbles


I am a swollen heart

Filled with love for many

Too many

Chaser of impracticable and impossible and improbable dreams

The butterfly net of trapped "I love you"'s

Desparate for affection

Fearful of rejection

Rejector of attention



I am a clock stuck at noon

Solified at mid-day

Not quite a morning person

But scared of the dark



I am life's punching bag

I am beaten



Not broken


I am a blade of grass

In a tornado




Not hopeless


I am just one fragment

Of a seven billion piece puzzle

Trying to fit in

Caught in the moment between birth and death

Stuck in traffic

Waiting for my green light

Navigating through my own maze

Of prohibited left turns and unexpected road work

Blowing a few stop signs

Blaring horns


I am a work in progress

An unfinished painting

The color gray

A half eaten ham sandwich at lunch time



I am motivated

And scared

Futilely attempting to shake my past

And anticipating my future


I am a multitude of attributes and emotions

A collection of characteristics

A mosaic

I am a lot of things

But I can be defined by a simple combination

of five letters


I am human

This poem is about: 
My family
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