The Legacy

I am an individual; I stay strong even in the biggest storms, I stare darkness straight in the eyes and see only the light that will immerse me when it passes. My faith guides me toward hardships. My faith wraps its arms around me in protection and although I am alone I face my enemies with strength and pride. I have conquered the hardships that loneliness brings to me, but to be a good person I must first stand alone. I have been poor and lived through a broken family. While they worried about how to put the food on the table I made the most of my life. I stood alone forming my own path to reach a better destination. I separate myself from the troubles of the world. I go deep inside myself and see the light within me. I see my faith, my God, my sanity through the light and finally I see myself. The person I want to be the person that I will become. I stand alone to face only me to walk the path that God set for me and stare darkness in the face. I watch the mindless and selfish actions of the people around me. I watch the world because it is the best example of who not to become. My only true guidance is what I see every day. I see the followers. I see the pack that follows no true path. I see the abuse of the gift of life. I am not just alive. I do not just exist. I will not take for granted the life that is given to me. I will conquer the storms ahead and I will walk out clean on the other side. I am a member of the world, but I will not be a member of the zombies that follow no morals or truth. I show pride for who I am and what I do have, even though the field is empty around me I make the most of the leaves on my tree. 


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