A Dog's Day


A poise possessed, in unfulfilling actuality,
Longing for freedom, freedom from normality,
Quelling every bit of counterfeit congeniality, 
A taste of reassurance, isolated from individuality.

Driving this jalopy, a man dressed to nines, 
His undergarments ragged, camouflaged to blind,
His teeth are pearly, though the pearliness grinds,
A moment of glory, he has yet to find. 

Phony fads infesting fraudulent causes,
He sits in silence, while sounding the applauses,
A bittersweet flavor of momentary diapauses,
Every year holds similarity, inevitably with menopauses. 

Commitments crumbling, chafing positivity,
Vows are demolished, rebuilt with erotic proclivity, 
Reputations are finagled with selfless anonymity, 
As society lacks honest accountability.

A shadow he’ll reside’n, distant from sight, 
While pleading for nobility and faithful delight,
To remain a man and not out of spite,
As a room filled with vultures ravage his might.





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