We're Human, right? (3/9/13)


United States
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We as humans, only asked to act upon our gift of living
Throughout the abuse and torture
We still find in our hearts, the spirit of forgiving
Watching our people experience genocide
Contemplating suicide
Hiding our sorrows for our fellow men and women who’ve died
Those put to work are physically built
Others, starved to death, mutilated
Total absence of guilt
We are human beings
But are subjected to mistreatment as less of a being
Never realized that my rights would be at stake, due to my race
My oppressors have convinced me that my birth was a mistake
As they have spat, and struck me in the face
We have been raped, whipped
Our dignity, self-esteem, stripped
God didn’t put me here, to be mistreated because I am black
Slavery’s supposed to be over, why must we go back?
God didn’t put me here, to be mistreated because I am a Jew
Don’t you dare patronize me
Because I do not look, nor dwell in ignorance like you
I am a human, right?
Then why am I an alien in my own home?


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