Everything Is Awesome Scholarship Slam

Everythng Is AWESOME!

It's a New Day!

A Time to Refres and Be a Greater You!

Yes, meaning that GREAT is Already in YOU!

Everything is AWESOME!

Me - Him - Her - YOU!

Can you believe the Grass is Super Green and the Sky is Cool Blue?!

Everything is AWESOME!

Peep This!

Can you believe that what we know of today at some point in time, someone before you - believed it to be TRUE?!

How AWESOME can that be??

Too Say that a singleThought is theTRUE Seed of MANIFESTING!!

Everything Is AWESOME!!

The Smile You Have!

The Color of your Skin!

Those Beat Up Shoes!

The Clothes your in!

The Feeling you have when you feel like giving in!!

Because once you turn to the positive - you realize that quitters never win!

Everything Is AWESOME!

The flow of Water!

Those fighting MEN & WOMEN!

Those who have LOST their LIVES!!

So We Could WIN!

Everything is AWESOME!!

The power of THOUGHT!

The power of SPEECH!

The power of true CHANGE


Everything Is AWESOME!

It is up to YOU too SEE!


-Donavin "Vito" Green 


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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