A Fatal Attraction

They see a monster, but I see perfection
He saw content, but I saw an injection
Where do I go when I need Protection?
Judgment sees bruises but I see affection

I rang the bell of baggage then pulled the alarm
He can’t be a manipulator with an abundance of charm
And I can be in love with a bruise on my arm
But where do I go when my everything causes me harm?

I know it’s me and I’m to blame
If I leave who will strip me from my shame?
If I leave who will love and heal my pain?
And when I blackout who will call my name?

He told me I can’t leave him and destroy all hope
I then turned the knob cause I just couldn’t cope
To my surprise he started to yank on my coat
He then pulled hair, and squeezed on my throat

The quietness of my brain formed my Insanity
The Love and pain lead to Fatality
My Motionless body drifted from Gravity
Then reality became his dark twisted Fantasy


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