Loves Conversation pt1

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 21:23 -- sridges


United States
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Times a wasting and I'm running out of patience then again more like out of time. The clock tells the story and lipstick on the glass still there so you remain on mind. These walls speak volumes our last encounter broke our voice box and our neighbors just turned up the volume. I'm working hard to open the sacred gates but so many locks and chains around my heart. You get frustrated irratated lose patience cause a fire for the dynamite to spark and blow my prison apart. See I'm a little different I'm not your average man for so long I walked my own path and I lost the innocence that I used to be. You struggle with the puzzle saying you through trying to solve this game of ruzzle and maybe you were wrong to turn away from him your other just to be at war battle after battle the never ending struggle. Egos shattered because of our own chatter and instead of building up we start destroying the foundation of our once happy home. I'm to difficult or make your just to stupid to see this haze of fairy tales over your eyes needs to be lifted, maybe you need to start appreciating me the gifted and see where I once was and how now I'm in love and different. You worry so much about this flame going out that you suffocate the flame our fire is alive and yet you make it not breathe. Perfection is not of this world this is not heaven I'm trying to show where I am and where I could potentially be but when things don't run on your time words fly problems arise and I feel A REAL MAN I'm feeling to be.... By the time you get this letter I hope you find what your heart considers a treasure. I hope that I will be able to wipe the lipstick off the glass and I hope you find what you consider a real man that will make your heart sing and under god your vows will dance. Love Lost is Love and Divinity gained one REAL MANS sole burden and pain is his true loves reconstructed and never breakable Perfect Picture Frame.


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