I Could Never Be Like You (A tribute to Mom)

Every night it's the same hopeless dream
Every day you can't stand the writhing pain
No one understands what you go through
No one understands the inconveniences it brings

But why should they?
They're fine; they don't have any reason to worry
As long as they have nothing to complain about
Why in the World should they care for your complications?

Maybe it is your strength or your security helping you cope
Maybe it is the nameless tears you cry
Maybe I should stop guessing, because guessing does no good
Yet still, I guess, that you live a life constantly full of unwanted maybes

You mentioned to me once:
Laugh or cry, babe
You always had the most interesting, yet so simple views of the World
I could never be like you

Take these weightless words and keep them close to your heart
Set them safely into your imaginary locket
Because then they will always be with you when you're living your life full of either-ors

You are strong
You are powerful
And I could never be like you


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