3 Reasons why I hate "America the Great"

America the great,
how is something so "great"
something I hate.

I hate the homeless,
because we look the other way,
Greedy with our belongings 
not offering to stay.
Stay, to help them, guide them, and show them the way.
But we're built to hate things that are not the same.

The same as in, "Whats between your legs?"
Something I hear about almost everyday.
Why it called "America the Free", 
If we dont have the choice in where we go pee.
People will say "but they're a she"
In all honesty it doenst bother me, he's a HE.
Regardless of what society believes HE should be.

The last thing I hate about "America the Great,"
is the color of our skin.
Why is it if you're not pale like me,
you wont fit in?
Now where do i begin?
All that matters to me is whats within,
so hold up your chin,
because through all Americas "hate"
Love will win.

Before we can change America for the better, we must change ourselves.

This poem is about: 
My country


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