No Pity for a Pedestrian



No Pity for a Pedestrian


By Irvin Eden Ortega


I’m looking

I’m looking

I’m looking

I’m looking 

I’m looking

Left to right

Right to left

Over my shoulders

And on my tip toes

Cars are racing

They’re speeding by


And going

And going

And going

No stopping

No slowing

No acknowledgment

No pity for a pedestrian

One after another

Like strobe lights on the street

No space in between

Just metal bumper to bumper

I’m doing everything right

I pressed the button

I looked both ways

I’m waiting my turn

And yet there’s no pity for a pedestrian

When is it my turn?

When do they stop?

Do I have no rights because I’m walking in life?

I’m not speeding

I’m not racing

I’m walking from place to place

And yet there’s no place to cross

No one is stopping for me

No one takes a second look

Everyone is concerned with themselves

There’s no pity for a pedestrian. 


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