The Audacity to Hope


United States
33° 56' 4.8336" N, 84° 35' 44.0628" W

I watched a lady full of age
Walk slowly down the sidewalk
She walked as though there was pain in each step
And I admired her determination
She could have easily squeezed sympathy
From anyone that she meet
But when she saw the bus stop, she gained strength
that seemed unstoppable
The woman climbed each step with purpose
As though it was her last
She plopped down in the first seat
And I gasped quickly covering my mouth
As I looked on with amazement
Tiredness and tenacity changed the temperance of a nation that day
And her name was Rosa, Rosa Parks
A woman with the audacity to hope

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This women who possessed the audacity to hope will be known as Rosa Parks the women who defied the unspeakable.


This peice was very beautiful and I like how you did not start from the bus itself but from the sidewalk. It gave new perspective and I am glad you did so.

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