Newfound Hope

This year has been a difficult one

Filled with sneers and words deadly as a gun

And who’da thought it’s all because of our election

Coming to completion it leaves a trail of division and abjection

In the minds and hearts of its many targets

The brash words of one man got it started

When they say Make America Great Again

Do they hear the mother’s strains of pain

As her son is deported and taken away


But this is not something new

No, the hue of our skin has always skewed the views

Casting doubt in the minds of some policemen

Who give no second thought and let bullets fly without reason

The sight of the man with a turban causes mass paranoia and disturbance

His surface seems to be a burden that makes those around him nervous

But does anyone see that he’s just a person?


Racism and division seems to be bursting and there seems to be no reversion

Our nation’s monster has awoken and roams our cities lurking

Herding support from many who seem to ignore the hurting

Some are observant and ache to stop the build up of body bags

But how much can truly be changed through hashtags

However my hope continues despite a year full of ugliness and bigotry

Change begins with me and I seek it through this poetry


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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