I am going to change the world

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 10:51 -- jazm23


 You Ask Who/ What Am I

I am the girl that will chage thousands minds and make the economy green

The girl that will makes sure our comuity is a better place to live

I am the girl that has the attitude of a Brazilian Wandering Spider

And will make sure what the kids need is what she wil get 

The girl that will make sure people are aware of green house gas

The girl that wll try to make sure the economy doesn't melt  

Who Am I You Ask Tuah!

I am the girl that will  dresses to impress and come with a well prepared argument

The girl that’s not afraid to ask any questions and take any risk

I am the girl that will knock at any doors to make sure my plan is being affective

The girl that will that wll heed into any ideas

The girl that will try to have rapid changs but will take her time on getting things done 

The girl that will try to spread her wings like soaring bald eagle

The girl that will not let anything stop her

Who am I

I’m still telling you

I am the girl that will strive and make sure i succeed

The girl they call intellectual Because of her talents and the way of assistances when needed by others

I am the worrisome girl with an impetuous mindset

The girl who learned how to make things germane if there not important in my life

Struggling is the terror in her heart But it makes her stronger

To make sure overcoming anything is not a problem

I am the girl who visualize herself as an assiduous athletic trainer

Having dreams of walking across the stage receiving her master’s degree

I am the girl that will make sure i wll give back t the community

I am the girl that will chage the world

Who am I




I will hope to soon change the world please allow me to winn ther scholarship

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