Rising Phoenix


United States
32° 35' 56.1984" N, 96° 51' 23.5548" W

The war was caused by visionaries
Looking for a better future,
But one can only wonder -
Was this the society they had in mind?
Their war scarred my people with its devastating aftermath,
leaving us broken - mentally and physically.
Their war started genocide of my people
All because they believed
These twisted rituals would bring revelation.
Their war left my people in fear of the future,
hopeless and in question of their faith.
Their war did this….
It seems their war gave me every right to seek revenge.
But in one moment,
I gained the knowledge that the mission of a visionary
Is to protect his people.
And this thing my people called war,
Was in reality - revolution.
A revolution that led the visionaries
To start fires in the most sinful towns of my country -
leaving them in a heap of burning ash.
And from those ashes arose a deity of such great power,
That my people were struck in awe,
As it rose into the night scape in a bright blaze.
Realizing that the deity they saw
Was bringing them their last opportunity of atonement.
My people are now Rising with the Phoenix.


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