dear, home

a time when things were bleak,

when they sky was grayer,

and the sun more dim.

a time when you were drowning

and a time where i was lost


then, as if fate herself willed it, a message

a proposal of friendship though it was kept apart by

663 long, long miles.

that wasn’t going to change anything, not the skype messages

or the text messages coming from all hours of the day.


you say i rebuilt you

after you were crushed, broken, unfixable.

when you were lost and down and without a shred of hope.

there i was, according to you.

to pick up the fragments from a long, tiring day.

to glue them together and rebuild who you were,

or at least revitalize what you lost.


we grew together,

saving each other

from the depths of our own minds.

i started telling my friends

“i love them”

but now i say

“i love him”

and of course, you say “i love her”

but your voice is a lot deeper now


you say that i saved you,

but do you know that you saved me?

even though states separate us you’re there

laughing, joking, drying my tears with hands that i can’t physically feel

but they’re there.

they’re real


waking up at 1 am, with a 9 am class looming in the distance is no longer something i dread.

it’s something i’m willing to do, even when it was just

a friendship built on mutual love of anime and knowledge and saving the world,

but i realize i don’t need to save the world anymore

when saving you, even at 1 am on a school night, is enough for me.


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