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One step.

Some glide across a plain

Others prepare to conquer mountains

Some see a wall reaching the heavens 

Still, each journey starts with a singular action. 

One step.


The second step starts all the same.

A deeper plunge into unknown depths

Collecting courage to reach new heights

Stumbling to make progress, to make a breakthrough

Another demands courage.

Yet you have taken a second step.


By the third, you have made precedent 

No, you have made precedents

Some at the peak of their journeys

Others not far from the starting line

Still, reaction becomes action,

You’re paving a path toward your goals.

The third is progression, momentum is building. 


By the next step you have grown,

The distance dwarfs your expectations

The difference may be miniscule, but the extra percentage progress means the world

Your steps begin to feel light as you run toward your destination

Gathering yourself before stepping forward becomes easier.

You are progressively moving forward, and that is more than enough.


Change is a behemoth unto itself.

The only constant I know is change.

Looking back makes it clear:

You always had the potential to tame the beast of change

It may take a lot of failure, but you are well on your way 

You are the hero of many faces going through your own journey.

The potential you hold is more than you think.

So go forth and take the next step of your next journey.

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