Sidewalk Crack Smiles

Wed, 05/15/2019 - 00:11 -- clove78

A glow up for me was havin’ the realization

Depression was my setback, not my damnation

I don’t think I ever grew up, but I definitely glowed

And realized my sadness belonged in the commode

I felt guilty and upset when my therapist said

“Claire, some Prozac will help clear your head.”

I thought I could handle it – “I’m tough! I’m strong!”

Looking back, I could NOT be more wrong.

My head was a whirlpool of anxiety and thoughts

“It’s better if I weren’t here – I’m distraught.”

I thought this was normal, I thought I was fine

Now I pray no one has an experience like mine

And now, in retrospect I know
I’m not the only one having a tough go

At the thing we call life, which I now can enjoy.

I’m still young at heart, like a little schoolboy.

I still look for clovers in cracks in the street,

And I still like to smile at everyone that I meet.

Except this time, I feel peace and serenity.

When I smile, I have a feeling of divinity.   

I can’t pinpoint the exact day I changed –

I just knew that suddenly, I was singin’ in the rain.

Thanks to my pill that I know brings relief,

I am reassured I’m loved beyond belief.  

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