The Real Ending to the Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, in the hills of the country far away, there lived three little pigs. These pigs spent most of their days taking care of their home made out of straw, and the land around them. One day, a big scary wolf appeared and attempted to blow the pigs house down. He huffed and puffed, and eventually he blew their house away. The pigs decided that their new home must be able to withstand any harm that the wolf could cause. So, they decide to build their house out of bricks. Once again, the big bad wolf showed to blow their house away. He huffed and puffed, but his breath was not enough to take the three little pigs house down. Puzzled and confused, the wolf went back home to think of a master plan to defeat the pigs. All night in bed the wolf thought to himself a way to blow the house down.

And then an idea hit him!

The wolf knew he couldn’t do it by himself….

So, the next day the wolf brought reinforcement. On the next day, the three little pigs were working on their home when from the top of the hill they spotted something that seemed to appear as a mob. Indeed, it was. But not just any mob. The wolf had managed to bring Spider man, Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Wonder woman, Captain America, Bat woman, and Super girl with him to help take the house. With the use of the superheroes powers, the pigs were overwhelmed, and the wolf had managed to take down their home made of bricks. That’s the real ending to The Three Little Pigs!


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