Tue, 02/04/2020 - 12:01 -- Hwible

Her hand grazed my skin. “Please, be calm my child.”

Serenity plagued each of my senses.

Flames from the fire grabbed at my shoeless feet.

Yet, I was the happiest I have been.

Mother looked sadly into my green eyes.


“Fear not my child, the sun shall soon arise.

He will vanquish the man whom harmed my soil.

The sky deity shall aid my forlorn land.

My verdure will flourish once again, child.

And you, will have been the cause young cherub.”


The fire that had flooded my vision,

Transformed into a thick flora that climbed

My elfin legs. “Earth, is now free again.

No longer succumb to man’s Ill-treatment.”

My body began to rise in the air.


Creatures roamed the once barren plains,

And nature was at peace again.


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Our world
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