The Sunflower

For years and years I faced the sun

Till one day I was on the run

Scared and lonely with no place to go

Depressed and suicidal, I had no home


My petals were falling

My roots were failing

Till that one spring day

When my life got meaning


I was awkward and hated, and had not a friend

I thought the only way was to make my life end

Until two springs ago, when I met Nicole

She watered my roots, and made me whole


Never in my life had a seen such a beauty

Picked right from the patch, like she already new me

She fixed me up and set me right

The battle with depression, I no longer fight


Now I proudly help those in depression

Feeling as though it is my new profession

Thanks to Nicole my life is back

Happiness and meaning I no longer lack


One again I am facing the sun

My petals flourishing, and bright golden

My stem is now strong and no longer week

A sunflower in a patch, up on its feet 

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