A Right Worth the Fight


United States
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The power of the right,
Was not acknowledged by the Might.
They fought and fought,
Yet they were left distraught.
No one’s pointing a finger,
But did you do more than linger?
Can you say you tried to change?
I look at the times gone by,
This time is quite a range,
And I begin to wonder why.
Was it worth the strife,
To induce more than just a sigh?
I hate to witness a knife,
That causes such a division.
Did they even realize?
Their motives were like an incision.
It was in the heart where they should prioritize.
They did much more than demoralize.
But before I defect,
I must look at my heart and reflect.

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The is my poem inspired by the harsh realities that so many ethnic groups have gone through, and the fact that it is just ridiculous. People need to allow their hearts and minds to coincide.

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