New World

We came to this new world scared,

we came in the cold of night

lost, oppressed, and we left our handprints and footprints

on every soil and water way

from jungle to river bank

we fought for this land

has we rose to claim each inch of it

we never stopped without a care

like a scared kid in the dark

we shot our bullets has they shot back their arrows

in guerrilla warefare we fought

with no end to the slaughter

we got freedom while they got our diseases

we left a trail of blood behind us

we took without thinking what we were leaving behind

like a childish fool we spun out of controll

we said things we couldn't take back

we left the air thin

while we stood black and blue

not knowing why we fought

just knowing it's the price we pay for a little more freedom

confusing friend for enemy

shooting battle scars and running for safety

has they fire back their gernades

wishing this was just a game of cowboys and indians

because toys never hurt

because the words that trickle out are just words

no need to put fire to ashes

we can just walk away

instead of letting generations of history come and go

has we fight not asking why?

choosing to be blissfully unaware and scared of the truth

while we get freedom

they get bombs and fired shots

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Our world
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