I used to be creative

Then I went to school

I used to play outside

Now the air's too cool


I used to have ambition

Living unrestrained

But now my will's been missing

And my dream's been drained



I used to be creative

Then I went to school

I used to want to learn it all

Then I learned the rules


I used to wake up eager

To live another day

Now it's all so meager

In my bed I'd rather stay



I used to pretened I was a dinosaur stompin' around on the playground

Big appetite, willin' to put a fight, and I'd bite, my roar was loud

But recess don't last forever

Didn't you hear the bell ring?

We got no time to be clever

Dinosaurs must go extinct


Sixty-five million years ago marks the demise of the dinosaurs

Not even the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex could withstand the meteor

Their legacy lives on today in the form of little birds

They spend their existence reminiscing of the days they used to rule the earth

Tweet, tweet


I spend all my time

Mourning the time I've lost

I used to play outside

But now the air's too hot


Stranded in the middle of nowhere

My tank's run out of fuel

I used to be creative

Then I went to school



I'm digging up those fossils

And bringing them back to life

What I feel is colossal

Gonna fight back that meteorite

Cause we get to choose how we evolve

And I don't wanna be a little pidgeon eating breadcrumbs

I wanna be the next T-Rex

I wanna be the king of the Dinosaur Kingdom

I wanna be the king

Of the Dinosaur Kingdom  

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Our world
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